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Raising Business Capital

Exist provides valuable guidance to entrepreneurs and emerging companies seeking to raise investment.  Our capital raising approach leverages our knowledge of the market and traditional routes such as: bank loans, government grant schemes, competitions, angel investors & networks, high-net-worth individuals, venture capital firms and newer techniques such as crowdfunding.

Our investment raising service is typically introduced after completing our clients market research and strategic business plan - we have a better understanding of the business, management team and investment strategy.

For new customers with a business plan in place, we also provide a step by step investment readiness service that critiques the viability of the business, advises and guides you on how to improve presentation of the business plan in order to maximise the chance of obtaining funding.  

Our business consultant outlines the potential funding options available, creates an appropriate funding strategy which may involve a ‘combination’ or ‘package’ of funding and delivers an action plan detailing the changes needed to the proposition in order to maximise its chances of obtaining funding. 

The professionals at Exist have built successful businesses and personally experienced many of the same daily challenges you face today. 

For more information about our investment readiness and investment raising services, contact us via our webform or call the London office for a no obligation conversation.


Exist Assist Real Estate Start-Up With Branding and Identity
Exist assists real estate start-up with branding and ID. The project involved: competition assessment, providing company names, choosing website domain and a logo review. For more info:


Finally we sign the Subway franchise agreement. I think thats the result of fantastic business plan you did. Many thanks! Mo
Mo, Subway Franchise Owner
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