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Market Research

Before you embark on a new business journey, you must conduct a feasibility study be sure your ideas and plans make sense for the target market, all internal stakeholders and potential investors.  

If you want your business to succeed, or if you need to convince investors or management to fund your initiatives, it is critical that you are equipped with a feasibility study that proves that your ideas are sound and that you have an execution plan that is practical.

Our expert researchers and business consultants conduct comprehensive industry, customer and competitor analyses in order to determine market opportunities. We assess each of the opportunities, rank them, determine the best option and create an action plan for effective market entry.

Our feasibility study covers these 5 areas:

  • Market Sizing and Trends
  • Customer Needs Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Idea / Product Assessment and Development
  • Action Plan 

So, take the first step to validating your business strategy decisions and contact us today via our webform or call for a no obligation consultation: London, UK +44 (0)207 554 8568 or Los Angeles, US +1 310 229 5775.






200,000 Investment Available
Our investors are looking for innovative UK Companies with 2-3 years of accounts, 200K investment available per project. Contact Us for more details.


Exist supported the strategic business development aspect of the practice, always challenging the technology to better support the business needs.
Greg, Head of Consulting, Injazat
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